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· Or Mark can get the audience involved by passing out instruments (maracas, tambourines, etc.), forming a conga line, and bringing audience members on stage.

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CD Review

Wine and Women in Thongs: Two Buns Up!

This page was last updated on: July 14, 2014
marvelously superior to his previous efforts. To thrill the women who aren't excited with the woman's naked bootie, Northey has included a 1983 photo of himself as a young stud (ha!) singing with Jimmy Buffett (true!). Northey now says his 15 minutes of fame on stage with Buffett can't compare to the daily life of song that is his real dream come true.
     Congratulations to producer Dean Otto and engineer Al Phillips - it's as if professional movers relocated Mark Northey to the Taj Mahal. The studio musicians in the King Kong Band bring a professional sound that is far superior to Northey's musicians in earlier CDs. A variety of wind instruments, from flutes to trombones, add a colorful touch to many songs on the latest CD. Excellent sounds from violins, steel drums, lap steel guitar and accordion fill the songs with top-notch music.
     Without a doubt, the title cut Wine and Women in Thongs takes the cake as the most popular song on the CD. Northey is at his best with his tongue-in-cheek (again, no pun intended) lyrics:
            My sixth-grade nun said, "Listen son, you'll probably be 
         a sex fiend some day. Just a bum on the beach, drinking 
         Love Potion No. 9 and wasting away."
            But I said, "God made gluteus maximus, sister, so you 
         know that can't be wrong. "And these are a few of my 
         favorite things: wine and women in thongs."
     Mark follows this sunned buns song with a squeaky clean tribute to his mom, called "My Mother's Prayers." Mark had first included the religious song on a cassette of his tunes made years ago for his mom, but she rarely listened to it. Why? Well preceding "My Mother's Prayers" was a song about genital herpes and other STDs. Mom almost always turned off the cassette player before making it to the ballad written about her. 
     If Mark's mom were alive today, she might say, "Son, son, how long do I have to pray before you put out my song as a single? How long must I wait before I can listen to it! Please, don't sneak it on a B side, either."
     The CD lyrics booklet shows noteworthy innovation. Northey's creative wife Denise provides a descriptive photograph to match each of the dozen songs. Rather than print lyrics, Mark explains the origin of each tune. He reveals what drives him to lead the off-the-wall life he does, "I'll never be rich or handsome, but I will never be boring."
     Indeed! Northey has us laughing about ordinary life in his song "Murphy's Law," with lyrics that include, "When the gorgeous blonde pulls up next to you, your finger's up your nose." (C'mon guys, it's true.) Or how about, "When you think you've found the perfect catch, you find out she's got kids." 
     His life is about laughing his way to the top, while also enjoying the behind.

 Music expert Charlie "Tall Man" Skaer wrote the above article. 

     The CD Wine & Women in Thongs has Mark Northey written all over it even on the beautiful bare butt he's autographing in a full-color photo inside the recording. 
     The photo brings to mind the lyrics from that once-famous Dire Straits song: "Ah, that ain't workin', that's the way you do it, money for nothing and the chicks for free."
     If only it were that easy. Northey has worked his butt off (no pun intended) to write, record and promote his third CD that sounds and looks 
Who Is Mark Northey?

     Singer songwriter Mark Northey specializes in performing Buffett songs and beach/boat music.  He also sings a treasure chest of comedy songs.  His interactive show keeps you guessing because with his craziness you never know what he will do next.  
     This consummate parrot head performer will afford you quite an education at his show (whether you like it or not,) and you will come away enriched.  Referring to himself as Professor Northey of Margaritaville University, he gives you background on the songs—
· Who wrote them (Jimmy or otherwise) 
· The inside story that led to their being written or why they were chosen 
· Personal anecdotes relating to the song and how the song might apply to current events
Mark will definitely keep you laughing with his antics and charm, props and hats, stories and quips.  He’s a cross between “Brain Damage Theater” and Dennis Miller.  One salty, half-crazed entertainer and songwriter. And he’s lived it! Lookout!
     Mark Northey is considered to be the first traveling Jimmy Buffett “Apostle”, introducing and spreading Jimmy’s music to thousands of Buffett virgins from Ann Arbor and Mackinac Island to Key West, from Put-in-Bay to Scottsdale and Tempe AZ, and from Northern California to St. Maarten and Jost Van Dyke.  Mark’s career has found him charming the pants off sailors, cruisers, water people, beach nuts, college kids, and anyone who loves a fun song.  He is a wordsmith, a sailor, a traveler and a “true" parrot head.  He is funny as hell and a breeze to listen to. And if you can’t hear Jimmy, Mark really is the next best thing.
     The thirty years of performing homemade and parrot head music has helped Mark “The Shark” get gigs at Margaritaville Key West, Margaritaville New Orleans, Lulu’s, the new Cheeseburger in Paradise, and Parrot Heads in Paradise conventions in New Orleans and Key West.  He has opened for Tim Allen, David Spade, Elvin Bishop, and Pat Dailey, and Mark has headlined at many college concerts.  Mark even performed on stage with Jimmy Buffett in 1983, and Jimmy called Mark a "Great Player".   
     He has five CDs: Son of the BeachPhlocking Live Wine and Women in Thong, Dog and Pony Show, and Over The Edge
     Mark Northey's fourth CD, Dog and Pony Show, includes live versions of Mark's eighteen most requested comedy songs.  You'll have some good laughs listening to this CD.

Fan Mail List
E-mail Denise Northey at sonofthebeachmusic@yahoo.comand ask to keep notified of Mark's gigs. Regular gigs are now in FL only, but will travel. 
Welcome to Mark Northey's old website.  It has not
been updated since 2012 except for this paragraph.  
Mark Northey passed away in December 2013.

for lots more information. 

   MySpace page includes music clips and recently updated locations of his upcoming gigs.  Please check out Mark's daily "CAPTAIN'S BLOG" on My Space-- it is very interesting, planned to become huge and edited into a book sometime in the future.  You'll find funny stories and ramblings of a lunatic as well as comments on current events, concerts, music, etc. and episodes in Mysteriology from the Professor of Margaritavile University himself.

   Please check Fort Myers News Press Friday magazine Gulf Coasting in the Live Music section, or the Pine Island Eagle (Tues. paper only), and the Beach Bulletin  FMB weekly entertainment paper for Mark's appearances. 
   You can party, get wild and crazy with Mark or enjoy the sunset with tropical music in the background. The choice is yours.
       Hope you can come out and enjoy the reason we live in SW Florida, great food, great music, warm sunshine and great friends
       A waterfront view is not a matter of life or death, it is much more important than that.
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